About Me

Passionate, Adventurous, Artist  
My name is Sarah Gregory and I studied New Media at the University of Lethbridge. I decided to pursue New Media because of my interest in animation, character design, and graphic art. I also love to travel and after I graduated, I backpacked around Western Europe for three months. I hope to see more of the world and travel across the globe. When I’m not busy working on my illustrations, I enjoy hiking, learning French, and watching cartoons. My favourite cartoons include Gravity Falls, Avatar the Last Air bender, and The Dragon Prince. 

Artist Statement

Characters are born in my head and I give them life through the pen. Through my artwork, I like to focus on the personal- what are these character’s intentions, what is their personality like, and why do they exist? Are they silly with great big ears and expressive emotions, or stoic and hard to read? Not one character is the same and they all have a story.
My design also has a story, but not in the same way as my illustrations. Each colour is used with intention and the shapes have personality. Triangles are my favourite because they portray something chaotic, fun, and wild. They add asymmetry to my designs. In their own way, each shape has personality and tells a story. I aim to tell that story through composition, colour, and geometry.